What starts with ‘C’ and rhymes with ‘Spock’?

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Seen on a Student Government Office computer during the weekly Fed meeting: The Wikipedia entry for “Slash Fiction.

What is Slash Fiction?

Slash fiction is a type of fan fiction in which one or more media characters are involved in a homosexual relationship as a primary plot element. These gay pairings are often described in explicit detail, and largely occur outside the canon of the source. …

It is commonly believed that slash fiction originated within the Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction fandom, with ‘Kirk/Spock’ stories first appearing in the late 1970s. This should not be surprising, as modern fan fiction as a whole owes its start largely to the popularity of Star Trek.

The Fed is … alternative?

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P.S.: This was written as Fed staffers awkwardly walked by Bwog correspondents. They may now know our correspondents’ identities. But it was worth the heavy cost.

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    why does everything with the blue and white have to be 'awkward'?

  2. cs

    part of the hipster pantheon, right below irony.

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