Doesn’t the West End SERVE Grilled Cheese?

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CU Snacks is kind of like that spaghetti pot they sell on TV with the drainer built into the lid: it’s a good idea but it solves a problem you never really had. Plus you’re pretty sure only White trash orders it.

Don’t believe us? Fresh baked cookies delivered to the West End. Kind of makes sense… until it doesn’t.

From CU Snacks’ (bi-)weekly email:

Also new this week; Snacks @ the ‘Stend. No one likes to put the
party on hold because of hunger, neither do we. Now you can get
delicious snacks like Smucker’s Uncrustables PB&J, Ben and Jerry’s
ice cream, fresh baked cookies, and 5 cheese grilled cheese
sandwiches delivered to you at The West End. Just deposit munch
money before you go out, then call 212-853-FOOD from The West End,
and we’ll deliver. It’s the most convenient way to snack at a

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  1. LBD

    Have you ever had Smucker's uncrustables? Gooey chemical-filled bagged confections that absolutely profane the concept of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Shame, shame, CU Snacks!

  2. shira

    yeah, they had those at the john jay food expo thing this fall and it looked disgusting and sort of poisonous.. ew.

  3. "The 'Stend"

    what does the west end think about food getting delivered there? i mean, their a restaurant and everything right?

  4. Anonymous

    does that mean i can start bringing my own beer to the stend? it is cheaper, after all, to buy it at morton williams.

  5. but people?!

    does the B&W's sometimes-charming pretentiousness really have to extend to totally un-charming characterizations like "you're pretty sure only White trash orders it." that just makes you sound dumb and classist, not witty and sophisticated. but hey, that's just me.

  6. Anonymous

    I think it's just you.

  7. in class

    Hey! My family is as WASPy as you can get and we have one of those pots. Gotta find something to put in our excessively large kitchen.

  8. Author

    I've gotta defend. I base the pasta pots/white trash judgement on the fact my mom has one of those pots. She also wears a 24 kt. gold ring in the shape of the state of Texas which she never takes off and has had a broken car parked in front of her house for about 3 years now. On Christmas Day she took us all went to Super-Walmart to pick out our presents.

  9. ...

    One would think that a pot that drains pasta itself would be embraced by such a forward looking publication.

  10. Neeraj

    According to a friend who works the 12-3am shift for CU Snacks, there was a girl this semester who ordered 3 condoms, 2 vials of toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, and 3 freshly-baked cookies.

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