Have you seen Columbia’s old mascot around? Drunker than a skunk and sleeping on a grate.

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When reached for comment, Felix Gillette, CJR Daily reporter and author of the Slate profile of J.J. had the following to say:

“I’m concerned that the long hours, endless travel, and lack of a stable home life may finally be catching up with J.J. Jumper. This latest incident looks like nothing less than a cry for help. I think NCAA officials need to step in, pay CTV for the damaged equipment, and get J.J. into counseling. Pronto. Otherwise, this kind of passive aggressive behavior is only going to get worse.

After all, it’s a slippery slope from dancing to ‘Lil Bow Wow to smashing up court-side cameras to drinking one’s life away on the streets.

My thoughts are with J.J.”

As are ours. Last of the J.J. posts, we promise.

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