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Bwog reports! Someone decides!

The Spec reported earlier today that Adam Goldberg, E’06, founder of Ye Olde Campus Network and former Engineering Student Council President, quit his position as ESC Director of Technology last night at an ominously named “constitutional review session which was closed to the press.”

It was unclear why Goldberg resigned.

Until the Bwog, bored and wandering around Lerner 5, found a piece of paper on the floor titled “Proposal for External ESC Executive Board Elections.” (Right now the ESC is internally elected — only 30 people can vote — and closed from public view.)

The document — see it here — is from an email Goldberg sent to ESC Vice President Dan Okin. Okin copied and pasted it, presenting it as a resolution.

Most interesting excerpt:

1. “There is no time to change from internal to direct elections this year!!”
a. This is completely false. There is already an elections timeline in place for the direct elections of every other council memember. [Class presidents are directly elected — Bwog]
b. I approached the e-board 2 months ago with this issue so that there would be adequate time for discussion. I was told to wait for constitutional review.

Bwog contacted Goldberg, and he said that the proposal played a part in his resignation, but he had class and would call back later. (Update: Goldberg called back, saying he wants to keep the focus on the need for direct elections, and not personal beefs.) ESC President Tom Fazzio said there were no plans for external elections, but ESC would solicit student feedback.

The more intrigue, the better. Tattle on your neighbors and elected officials by emailing bwgossip@columbia.edu.

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  1. femax

    yeah, this explains everything. so is this the only reason adam resigned? there must be more to it ... although this may be enough. was the entire council against him? anyone??

  2. femax_respond

    the council's decision will be made public eventually. goldberg's resignation involved more intricate aspects of his role on ESC, most notably that he was not fulfilling his own duties.

  3. femax_respond_respond

    that sounds like bs. clearly the council's decision was to reject external elections. from what i understand, adam did a lot (all those WEBSITES) maybe it's an academic problem...

  4. q

    the councils decision on elections will be made public eventually. jumping to conclusions makes you and adam look childish.

  5. femax

    i still love adam ... he got me to the airport for only $15 !!!

  6. M.R.

    Websites which haven't been updated in forever.

    Gotta love the drama though. First the 'Charlotte's Web' 'Scandal' in 2004 and now this. Well done.

  7. LES

    Carsplit and cucommunity were awesome ... guess there won't be any more of those

  8. anonymous shit stirrer

    is this related to why Chris Cheng stepped down? Incumbency is a nasty bitch.

  9. more poop stirring

    Why did Chris step down and Tom step in? There's nothing wrong with Tom but he was internally elected. Adam has come back to school, the ESC is stacked with people and a VP who may be the incumbent for president next year, and perhaps Adam wants to be President again. Hence the push for the removal of internal elections.

    dun dun dun....

  10. i don't entirely buy it

    he can't think internal elections will go away in time for him to be elected. can he?

  11. i heard a rumor

    he was going to resign or get kicked off the council anyhow

  12. Um...

    He's a graduating senior.

  13. anonymous shit stirrer

    adam is '07 now. can you imagine it though, pass a resolution and then present himself to the student body in a general election. adam is fully capable of being president as he used to be it anyways, and he came up with lots of cool website things. facemix.com anyone?

    drama drama drama.

    the only thing that doesn't add up is why Chris stepped down, or was pushed out.

  14. anonymous shit stirrer

    "i think adam's resignation far more parallels his lack of ability to maintain a mature audience and allow the public elections to be voted upon by the student body. his resignation merely displays his inconsistencies between desires and actions, as he desires much from the council, but acts little when asked to."


    "Haha, yes, they are a pile of S**T. Full of self-important, egotistical, selfish idiots. Adam was the best chance of hope. It is SAD to see him go. Things must be really bad. Though, knowing Adam's history of taking action, I am sure he has something up his sleeve. Go Adam!"

    first of all we don't know what happened. what I proposed is plausible. maybe ESC really didn't like him and he didn't get things done? maybe he wanted to "expose" esc as a cesspool. shouldn't jump to conclusions when the entire matter is behind closed doors.

  15. M.M.

    Spec should poll engineering students this week to see if a strong majority supports external elections 'cause it looks like the referrendum ain't happening.

  16. M.M.

    Spec should poll engineering students this week to see if a strong majority supports external elections 'cause it looks like the referrendum ain't happening.

  17. shit disturber

    I'm mad that we haven't had a Lerner Pub in weeks.

    And why haven't we?

    Apparently we are being punished because Kwame Spearman tried to steal a bunch of wine from Winter Gala.

    You know what?

    Fuck Kwame Spearman. Your spec column sucks too.

  18. FYI

    Spec polled students several weeks ago and will be releasing numbers on Monday I think. But those SEAS kids are tricky to pin down...

  19. au contraire

    i'm pinning down a SEAS kid like, every night

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