It’s academia’s equivalent to The 50 Most Beautiful People. And it’s put out by that most discerning of polemicists, David Horowitz. With all the appropriate pageantry, he presents us withThe 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America. Danger is sexy! And guess what? Columbia is the sexiest! Nine of the Dr. Dangers teach at Columbia. Eric Foner, Todd Gitlin, Rashid Khalidi, and Joseph Massad are among the elite bunch. Sorry ladies, most of them are already taken.

“I was flattered to be included, despite the inaccuracies and false innuendos, although I didn’t and don’t feel I have earned the right (either as a professor or a clear and present danger) to be on such a list,” a Columbia journalism professor who is the editor of the Nation and chairman of the Columbia Journalism Review, Victor Navasky, told the NY Sun in an e-mail message.