Beer Pong Festival from 1-6PM today at the West End

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See Clown’s sign. Then see Playboy touting the ‘Stend as the center of the universe.

Update (1:45 pm): When this Bwog correspondent showed up at the ‘Stend to take some Beer Carnival pictures, she was quickly informed by the Manager that, this being a Saturday, everything was running a bit behind schedule and to come back in a few hours when things would, she assured me, be hopping. Sneaking a quick peak at the untouched buffet on the way out, this correspondent couldn’t help but noticed that the few attendees milling around didn’t even have beers in hand.

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  1. Curious

    "Coeds"? Is that still a word?

  2. Molson

    Beer pong and clowns? Scary.

  3. Anonymous

    Canadians? Scarier.

  4. actually

    if they wanted to scare everyone away, they could just put out a velvet rope. eh, nacho's?

  5. becky

    I know one of the girls they put on the margin-thing. On the playboy website. I know a girl who has been on the playboy website.

    She looks like she's toasting you and winking.

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