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The Bwog’s foreign correspondent Nick Frisch reports:

This past Christmas in Siem Reap, Cambodia, your loyal correspondent was disgusted to learn that the sinister and destructive web of Columbia money has extended its jungle undergrowth-like tendrils far beyond dismal dorms into the very apex of Khmer civilization. The culprits? Miriam and Ira D. Wallach, whose “charitable” foundation now has to answer not only for the decrepitude of the LLC but also the vegetation-strewn remains of Preah Khan, a complex of fountains and pools near the famous Angkor Wat. This alleged “priceless cultural heritage” has also been supported by a whole roster of pampered potentates who have clearly never suffered through the innards of Columbia housing: the Duchess of Westminster, the UK’s ambassador to Phnom Penh, a few of the usual diamond-business crowd (Polsky, Miller, Lindemann, Koerfer), and – apparently – the Stanford class of 1998. The Blue and White recommends that the Wallachs take next year’s vacation in Wien.

Credit to our correspondent’s colleague Michael Pareles for, er, kindly pointing out the general vicinity of the outrage.



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