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Continuing Bwog’s rare tradition of saluting the sons and daughters of Alma Mater, we would like to take the time to recognize the achievements (and stupefying failures) of some of Columbia’s most recent headline-making alumni. We begin with Lee Phil-sang, a Korean journalist who earned his M.A. and Ph.D. here. Lee was just selected to become […]

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Vigilantism strikes yet again at Columbia, this time on Schapiro 7. From a note pushpinned to the kitchen wall of that fateful floor, penned in forest green marker: “If you leave your dirty dishes in the sink for two (2) days, they will disappear for two (2) weeks.  Thank you for your (non) cooperation, you […]

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This weekend Bwog found itself in that other great northern city, Seattle, to attend its father’s second wedding. Here, lilacs bloom and herons dip fish out of the salty clear water, and Gore-Tex covers the pallid, unshaven skin of guilty white liberals. After two days knee deep in West Coast relatives, Bwog is ripe with […]

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The Bwog’s foreign correspondent Nick Frisch reports: This past Christmas in Siem Reap, Cambodia, your loyal correspondent was disgusted to learn that the sinister and destructive web of Columbia money has extended its jungle undergrowth-like tendrils far beyond dismal dorms into the very apex of Khmer civilization. The culprits? Miriam and Ira D. Wallach, whose […]

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We can’t make this stuff up. A number of SIPA groups are collaborating to present “the very first public tasting in the US of Kyrgyzstan’s favorite drink.” Today. 6-9 p.m. 6th floor Student Lounge, IAB. Be there. “Kyrgyz favorite drink kymyz is made from horse milk which is poured into a special leather bag – […]

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An empty puff piece on South Asian studies at Columbia (“Of Columbia’s many ties with South Asia, India is probably the strongest”) ends with a dazzling flourish of geopolitical hubris: “the buzz about Columbia’s newly revitalized South Asia program will soon be spreading all over the Subcontinent.” Just like militant Islam! Um, the world is […]

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Bwog is proud to bring you gossip from abroad – because everything is funnier when it’s not American. Overheard in a Edinburgh University library cafe: Girl 1: So yeah, I’m impervious to water. Girl 2: You’re what? Girl 1: Impervious. To. Water. Girl 2: So you can’t get wet..? Girl 1: Oh no, I can […]

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Bwog is proud to bring you gossip from abroad – because everything is funnier when it’s not American. While doing his time in the ‘Nam, your loyal correspondent noticed the following exchange gracing the guestbook in the museum at the former US marine base of Khe Sanh: Intruders are doomed to be kicked out, no […]

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