The Newest Michael Lane Album

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Carly Hoogendyk, Carman RA, reports:

Everyone’s favorite security guard and vocalist is now soliciting
his newest musical offering to Columbia freshmen just looking to
swipe into Carman. Michael Lane has come out with a second album of
him doing what he does best: singing over karaoke tracks. Lane opens
with Santana’s “Smooth” and ends, creepily enough, with another
rendition (a repeat from his first album) of “Sexual Healing.” You
might wonder whether a couple of mediocre Marvin Gaye covers are
worth dropping the asking price of $10, and I’d say… actually,
yes. Especially for Carman residents– I bought the first album and
Lane hasn’t requested to see my CUID since.

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  1. ugh

    the liner pictures are works of art. and for that you can't just download this one off of mytunes or bittorrent... you have to buy the real thing.

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