Consolation Prize

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Overheard at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, a conversation between two
guys in their late 20s.

Guy 1: So do you like the baby?

Guy 2: Of course, it’s a baby.

Guy 1: Is there any chance that the baby’s yours?

Guy 2: No, she was four months pregnant when I started dating her. But
I certainly did bathe the baby in sperm!

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  1. redonk

    wtf... that is horrible.

  2. gah

    Most disgusting bwog post ever?

  3. haha

    you prudes, that is hilarious!

  4. for real!

    totally hilarious.

  5. ew

    ew ew ew ew

    and hysterical

  6. not even ew

    totally normal...supposed to be good for the pregnancy

  7. hahahaha

    I'm amused. Hehehe.

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