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Jim Williams reports:

A recent event in Noha Radwan’s Contemporary Islamic Civilization lecture causes this Blue and White correspondent to wonder whether certain students are making a feeble attempt to revive Prangstgrüp or whether said students are merely assholes. About 20 minutes into class, a college-aged male who may or may not attend Columbia University entered the lecture, interrupted the professor and announced to the class that he had a pizza to deliver. The following dialogue ensued:

Radwan: Nobody here ordered a pizza.

Pizza Guy: 501 Schermerhorn?

Radwan: It’s not ours.

Pizza Guy: It says here it’s for Contemporary Islamic Civilizations.

Radwan: No.

Pizza Guy: Rachel T.? Is there a Rachel T. here? I have your pizza.

[No one responds, except with laughter.]

Radwan: Sorry.

Pizza Guy: Well what am I supposed to do now? I can’t just take it back.

Radwan: I don’t know.

Pizza Guy: Does anyone want a Pizza? Anyone can have it for eleven dollars. Anybody hungry?

At this point, the class’s resident macho TA bounds threateningly from the back of the room, charges towards the pizza guy, and firmly states “I think you need to go.” In response, the pizza guy turns around without so much as a word and quietly leaves the room. The TA follows him outside. Radwan makes a crack about how next time, we should have our money ready. The TA returns and class continues.

Subsequent Facebook research reveals that Rachel T. is an actual Columbia sophomore. No word on whether or not she is enrolled in this class, or is still hungry.

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