The Chosen One

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He’s the most envied and hated man on campus—yes, Steven Rubel, who snagged housing lottery number 21. So what’s going on in that lucky head of his? Via e-mail, he responds to Bwog’s queries:

How does it feel to be the shit? What’s your secret?

It’s just further proof that God likes me a lot more than he likes you. I’m pretty used to it by this point in my life.

What housing are you going for?

Murder, espionage, and over-hyped literary movements are all going to play a hand in my decision for housing. People with purely good intentions (what else can I call them?) all tell me to shoot for one of those gigantic rooms at Watt, and well, Hell- I might just do that; but if time permits, I will certainly opt for something with a bit more color… I’m considering to hunt for the room of former-Soviet spy, Morris Cohen or Beat Generation luminary-Lucien Carr (who else?). Of course, there’s the whole Roskot/Nelford – murder/suicide incident from 2000 which involves Ruggles Hall. I don’t know. I’m sure all the interesting rooms that I want are going to be small, cramped, and sweltering but I’m more than willing to put up with that as long as it’s in a single. I’m not sharing a room with anyone- unless it’s a ghost.

What’s your favorite word and why?

‘Fluoxetine,’ it just rolls off your tongue…

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