Crazy Ass Lottery Numbers- Part I

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The Housing Lottery already has a mystical quality to it. But when you’re number comes up as 666 or 1984, you really start wondering. In our ongoing series about crazy ass lottery numbers, the Bwog’s Julia Butareva interviews Samit Sarkar, C SEAS ’08, who got lucky lottery number 1984.

Bwog: Do you think you’re being watched?

Samit Sarkar: I do now. I mean, I figured the government was keeping tabs on meanyway — I am brown, after all, and that fact alone probably puts me on some sort of Homeland Security watchlist or something…

Will this make you reconsider your housing choices?

Well, it looks like I really only have a shot at a single in Schapiro or Wien, so I figure I’ll just take what I can get at this point. You’d think that I’d get some sort of special consideration for drawing number 1984, but apparently it went unnoticed by everyone but you and me.

Will this make you inspect your eventual housing choice any more closely?

I don’t ever plan on answering any ROLM phone calls. They can’t tap my cell without having the Justice Department send me a letter anyway — I know this because it happened to a Venezuelan friend of mine from Miami — so I’ll just have my clandestine conversations on that line.

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    Hey, I'm SEAS '08.

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