1. Coincidence?

    Hey, where have I heard about a rich landlord pressing poor tenants to leave in order to put in playgrounds for the educated and rich?

    I'm not actually that reactionary, but the parallel is telling...

  2. Q.R.

    Not quite the same thing... we're going to house SEVERAL students in Manhattanville!

  3. does

    anyone know what's up with the april 1st mock-spec posters saying bollinger had decided to go with the cb9 plan? a fed joke? a statement from SCEG? other?

  4. John

    CB9 article? I know this much: Symposium House had a hand in this.

  5. Property rights

    God forbid somebody do what they want with their property!

  6. jupiter

    Actually, LAW forbid that spoiled greedy children of privilege throw people out of their homes, and gods aren't too keen on it, either

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