Housing Selection: Round 1

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Bwog correspondent Yelena Shuster reports from the group selection frontlines in John Jay Lounge.

Josh Groban’s Closer CD sets the tone for today’s first housing selection. The operatic singing seems somewhat appropriate.

“I’m surprised Columbia’s giving away free stuff,” muttered a frustrated member of a four-person group, in reference to the bowls of Famous Amos and Naked Juice offered in John Jay lounge.

“Whatever, I’m not taking chances with this shit,” said a weary-eyed girl who came 20 minutes early for her appointment.

Room Selection Update as of 11 a.m.:

Two four-person EC townhouse suites left out of six.
Seven four-person Hogan suites left out of thirteen.
Five Three Watt two-bedroom apartments left out of eleven.
Two bedroom Woodbridge apartments gone.

More impressions after the jump.

The decor of John Jay lounge strangely resembles some kind of celebration ceremony, with blue and white balloons dangling from the sign-up tables.

The Room Selection Update whiteboard is decorated like a kindergarden project, with grass, a shining sun, and a purple butterfly surrounding the column of available rooms.

“This is so much better than Barnard housing,” exclaimed a girl prone to giggling.

“Did we win?” asked a girl who missed her group’s appointment.

Vitamins (one-a-day Centrum versus gummy bear vitamins), Tom Welling, and concealer (that was way too white for your face) were other topics of discussion. Good to hear Columbia students engaged in their intellectual musings so early in the day.

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  1. hey

    Tom Welling *is* an intellectual topic of discussion, thankyouverymuch.

  2. ugh!

    They didn't give us any free Naked Juice and Famous Amos in the LLC selection!

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