1. cc

    the person next to me had the top view (of the cathedral) freshman year. my entire window was taken up by the puke-colored bricks and pastel curtains of st. luke's obesity ward.

  2. hausmeister

    of course, this misses some of the better views- harlem from EC or the view toward campus/downtown from sulzburger tower.

  3. or

    maybe the sun setting over riverside from 7th floor woodbridge...

  4. Good Night Moon

    Nothing like those three bay windows overlooking the Hudson in my Woodbridge 7th floor penthouse. I get the stars when I snuggle up at night and glorious sunshine in the AM. Life will never be the same...

  5. but

    you're still in a walkthrough double. ha!

  6. wallachwallach

    but if you're placed just right you only have to glance past the obesity ward and can see down 115th over to the east side and on a nice day queens.

  7. um

    I guess they do become "odd views" if you tilt the camera.

  8. umm

    and the whole grates, ladders, and ugly shafts thing.

  9. Stephen

    yea.. what's up with the tilted camera.

  10. hmmm

    how come we don't know where these were taken?

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