A Brief Diversion

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Need a break from the harsh rigors of the housing lottery? Try Chinese mysticism!

Using the power of the I Ching, the Bwog is empowered to give you a meaningless, random fortune based on your lottery number and the powers of our ancestors. Try it!

Enter your lottery number:

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  1. Great

    The underbrush is of such abundance that the small stars can be seen at noon. He

    breaks his right arm. No blame.

    His house is in a state of abundance. He screens off his family. He peers

    through the gate and no longer percieves anyone. For three years he sees

    nothing. Misfortune.

  2. shocc

    I cannot appreciate this since Chinese mysticism is not a part of CC. But I'm living in the LLC again, so I don't have a lottery number, anyway.

  3. ttan

    Bwog, you should clarify your categories. On one hand, you have China, the Communist state. On the other hand, you have CHiNA?

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