Housing Selection: the Saga Continues

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2:50 p.m.
Girl to her female friend in line: “I’m actually glad we’re not in Hogan, I wasn’t really into the idea. My ex-boyfriend lived in Hogan.”
Friend: “Wait, didn’t he graduate like two years ago?”
Girl: “Yeah, he did, but there’s still, like, sex in the walls.”

3:12 p.m.
Four guys in a huddle, blocking the door:
“Where the hell is he?”
“I dont know, I’ve called him seven times in a row!” says the nervous one, dancing around like he has to pee as he punches his cell phone buttons angrily.
“He’s blowing this off to play Halo, you know he is.”
“Dude, we really should have had that intervention with him freshman year.”

3:20 p.m.
The triumphant return of Josh Groban. While Housing Services did replenish the Famous Amos supply for today’s customers, it seems like changing the CD would have just been too much.

3:29 p.m.
Group of friends leaving John Jay lounge after making their decision:
Girl: “We should have just waited around for regroup.”
Boy: “Nah, we did the right thing, regroup is for pussies.”

UPDATE AS OF 4:00 p.m.
6-person EC suites gone
doubles in EC gone (but 21 exclusions remain)
4-person suites in 47 Claremont gone

Just one left: 5-person suites in Ruggles and 47 Claremont, 6-person suite in 47 Claremont

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