What Housing Doesn’t Want You To See!

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Do you fondly remember Housing’s older, uglier, purpler website? Do you yearn for its collection of residential hall floor plans? Have you been trying to compare the nuances of the Woodbridge C line and the Woodbridge F line, but only in vain?

Well, we have dug up the virtual tours for you! (We’re nice like that.)

They may be found here.

Good luck.



  1. im confused

    the floorplans are still available on the new website (in fact, they're categorized by dorm on each dorm's description page and are on the whole easier to navigate). did you mean the virtual tour is still up?

  2. me too

    if housing doesn't want us to see it, why did they post a link to it on the housing message board, and why have they left the site online?

  3. Q.R.

    Pfft, the message board isn't Housing, it's just Steve Estes' playground.

  4. housing

    I bet Steve Estes is at the head of the world conspiracy. The fascist housing lottery is just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. 2004

    A CC'02 grad and old friend developed this site back in the summer between '01-'02. Housing was very very specific about what he could and could not say. Alas, this was right after the good ol' days when seniors were still in Furnald.

  6. google

    thanks, bwog, for accomplishing the same thing a 5 second google search could.

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