44 Nussbaum, 35 Wien…Hike!

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“My! People come and go so quickly here!”…

It was a quiet afternoon in Jay Lounge. Literally: no music played until the administrators closed shop for the day, at which point the speakers boomed Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” and that unbelievably annoying Enrique Iglesias song which is currently deeply wedged in this Bwog correspondent’s head. Cookie connoisseurs had three varieties to choose from: milk chocolate Mrs. Fields; the traditional chocolate-chip Famous Amos; and, for the more discriminating, oatmeal-and-raisin, again courtesy of FA.

The froshies got their turn. Hottest property would probably be the Ruggles 8s, which dwindled from ten to two; the administrators seemed to get these out of the way. All of the campus buildings seem now in play, which made for a selection area entirely enclosed by easels, two to a side, on all four sides, providing what must have been a welcome veneer of privacy. One group of six seemed relieved to nab one of the last Ruggles suites. Another pair debated whether to stay as a double or break into singles; having decided on the former, they then pondered which double to take. “We either get the worst room in Watt or the best room in Nussbaum,” one told me. They decided on Nussbaum–“We were at Watt yesterday, the people are crabby”–and secured a tenth-floor double, leaving open one final Watt studio double before the first-years must resort to classic sophomore housing: a Nussbaum here, a Schapiro there, and, as always looming, the dread McBain.

Thursday, close of business update: 1 Watt double (on Bwog’s map, imagine an ever-so-slightly paler shade of red), 2 7-person suites in Claremont, 1 6-person and 2 8-persons in Ruggles, 5 Furnald doubles, 44 Nussbaum doubles, 29 Broadway doubles, 83 Schapiro doubles, and 35 in Wien. Oh yeah, and 135 doubles left in McBain.

-Marc Tracy



  1. hausmeister

    ew doubles; glad I never had to live in one of those...

  2. already set

    When does general selection start?

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