Housing zzzzz…..

Written by

Famous Amos

Suite selection this morning was, in a word, boring. It was sparsely populated, there were no tears, no entreaties, no suspicious doctors notes requiring entrance into Hogan–for health reasons, of course. The Famous Amos and Mrs. Fields cookies competed on either end of the banquet table, but no one jumped for the Pomegranite Naked juice. Josh Groban had been replaced by his female equivalent, Dido. Jappy girls chatted on cell phones and were given longer to choose than the alloted time frame. One girl said of her future roommate, “I can’t believe she’s not here! This is so annoying!” When her friend came, of course she said, “Heeeeeey! No problem!” Another girl was peeved because the selection was behind schedule… “It’s got to be past 12:15. It’s 12:16! What the hell?!” After she picked her room she got on the phone. “I just wanted to totally creep you out and tell you that I’m living in your room next year!!!” And the morons of the morning: a pair of girls who traded their Woodbridge apartment for a McBain walk-through. “That’s the stuff of housing lore,” an onlooker said.

As of 12:30: EC, Hogan, and Woodbridge are gone. In Ruggles, there are 2 6-person, 2 8-person, and 12 8-person (with 3 doubles and 2 singles) suites remaining. Watt still has 17 studio doubles open. There are 52 doubles left in 600 W. 113th (9 walk-throughs), 6 in Furnald, 35 in Broadway, 155 in McBain (5 walk-throughs), 85 in Schapiro (30 walk-throughs), and 36 in Wien (29 walk-throughs).


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