1. nbf

    not motzah

    the chase is on

  2. Pierre St. Jean-Debuiose

    I am wholeheartedly against racism of all kinds. But good sirs, if you're going to be racist, please look like you put some effort into it. For God's sake, man, if you're going to indulge in racist slander, be legible! It took me nearly five minutes to interpret your message, which I believe is, that you have an issue with the holes of the delicious dinnertable appetizers that are crackers, although I must comment, good sir, that Nazism, from what I know of it, gives no mention of a plan to eliminate wafer holes. Furthermore, your color choice is abhorrent. The soft pastels of the rubber bands comment one another as a gently subdued set of complimentary colors should, but to offset them against a white plate with crude black lettering is humiliating to all art has achieved up until this point. And sir, do not break your cracker if you intend to make a statement; it is like showing Tinteretto with a plastic frame. You sir, obviously are an imbecile, a failed "artist," an uneducated moron with poor penmanship and lacking aesthetic sensibilities, as well as a disgusting racist. Good day.

  3. Shira

    You know, looking at this again, I really think it can't be anything other than the work of a genuine New York crazy. I really doubt anyone affiliated with Columbia made it.

  4. shocced

    that image is quite simply shocking. i am totally shocked. i hate the people who spew such hate. hate is bad. violence is bad. nastiness is bad. racism is bad. bad is bad. i am disgusted by it because it is bias. and it is racism. and racism is bad. and bias is bad. i will now have to enter a safe space because i fear for my life. and i will have to call counselling services.

  5. McFister

    Honk if you love the BWOG!

  6. olso shocced

    bad really is bad. bad is really bad. bad is badly bad. why hurt the bread? why draw falun gong symbol of unity?? why so bad??? *tear*

  7. J Train

    That doesn't even look like matzah. The holes are too big, the edges too rounded, and it's too thick. Definitely chometz.

  8. college student  

    It is clearly not matzah - this cracker has rounded edges, is thicker, and does not have the same kind of cracked surface that matzah has.

    Therefore, it is a cracker, and perhaps a leavened one. This is a symbol of protest against the white non-Jews, "crackers", who may tempt Jews to disobey the passover rules. Therefore, us Jews must be careful to "check bread everywhere" to make sure it is unleavened before we eat it. Nazis are "BM", "Bad Motherfuckers" and they are trying to blow "holes" in our observance of pesach.

  9. bwog did it  

    bwog did it


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