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“Top terror prosecutor is a critic of civilian trials” and an alumnus of Columbia College. (NYT) A released Riker’s Island inmate is suing the city for $5 million after a “cracker-related beating.” (Gothamist) New sidewalk sheds will not only offer aesthetic appeal but keep the city safe and prevent lawsuits. (Spec) A group of lady firefighters […]

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This is bizarre

An anonymous first-year tipster reports that the snack attacker is at it again; a cracked-out packet was found on a bench by Low at around 3:20 PM yesterday. Straight from the source: “Alright, so I read that there was some weirdo leaving nazi crackers on campus.  Well, I dunno if this was a copycat or […]

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You guessed it! The infamous hate-crime cracker packets showed up again on campus this week—and this time we have photographic proof. Bwog correspondent/cryptographer/gumshoe investigator Addison Anderson, who spied the pictured item of hatred on a bench on the path between Lerner and Low, wrote up the following account. Read the full report, which includes an […]

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Crackergate II?

Barnard student Hannah Baker reports our crumbly hate crimes just keep coming: I discovered possibly another incarnation of the Nazi cracker prankster sitting on a police barrier outside of the subway [near Barnard]. It was a tupperware container containing what seemed to be melba toast and had written in sharpie on the top a swastika, […]

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Exhibit B

Armchair investigators, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have all the evidence Public Safety does. Have at it!

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Snack Attack

Oh how quickly Columbia’s wheels of justice turn. A little less than 48 hours ago, I posted on the Bwog a pictures of a bizarre little homemade cracker packet I found. Then came the increasingly frantic emails from the Class Deans and Public Security to the Blue & White’s editor-in-chief, Avi. By last night, the […]

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These homemade cracker packets are all over the path between Lerner and Low. Explain.

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