Marshmallows + shape of birds = religious tradition

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Jews have Matzo, Catholics have peeps. For those people unfamiliar with the blue-and-yellow sugar coated marshmalllow goodness, NPR offers a brief history. Here’s an excerpt:

“Why Peeps for Easter? The tradition dates back further than company history — way back. Ancient pagans in Europe used eggs, chicks and rabbits as symbols of renewal in their spring rituals. Over time, European Christians incorporated the pagan symbols into their Easter traditions, and brought them to America.”

These delicious pagan idols will be sold for just a few more days, but don’t worry, they won’t expire for another eight years.

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  1. ecch

    I recently discovered that peeps aren't just puffed sugar. They're full of cloven hooves too - eww.

  2. I would hope people knew this already

    European pagan shit that was just syncretically incorporated and doesn't mean anything religiously:

    Christmas tree

    Mistletoe, Advent wreath, yule log

    Rabbits, eggs for Easter

    Santa Claus

    December 25th=Saturnalia

    "Easter" = Eostre, some Celtic goddess of spring

    All Saints' Day/Halloween


    A lot of saints

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