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Easter On Campus

For All The Homebodies Out There…

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Good morning, Columbia! We’re finally in the home stretch to the end of the semester. Just a few more weeks! You can do it! Here’s some Bwoglines to give you a little extra push.  Happening in the nation: This weekend was Tax Day, which means that thousands of people all across the country organized protests to […]

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Bwog Meeting Tonight!

In this glorious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, when you run around hunting for Jesus-blood stained Easter eggs that actually (and disturbingly) symbolized empty tombs, you may feel like: on this slow crawl to the eventual death and finals, maybe you could use a resurrection too! Well, Bwog is here to help! Come to Lerner […]

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Happy Easter! Did you know that Easter was today? You probably did (although some of us did not). Whether you’ll be celebrating Jesus Christ, or chocolate bunnies, or anything in between, come join us at the Bwog meeting tonight! We’ll be in Lerner 505 at 7pm throwing around some pitches for the upcoming week and eating […]

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What looked like a typical Harlem Shake video came meandering into Bwog’s tip inbox last week; but unlike all the other frantic dances brought to our attention, this one was advertising a specific event, an event that you would maybe not associate with the Harlem Shake: Jesus Week. When it turned out that nobody at […]

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Fashions change, but tradition lives on. New Yorkers sported interesting Easter attire as they galavanted about yesterday. (AP, Examiner, Gothamist) Recent findings that the iPhone stores a log of its user’s location for the past ten months in an unencrypted file leaves some longing for cellphones past. A Latvian man has wedded the OED’s “twitter” with the Internet’s […]

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GlobeMed is running an Easter Egg Hunt on campus all day today! Find one of the golden eggs hidden around campus and you’ll get a free gift card, which is almost as good as inheriting a magical candy empire.

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Make Easter and Passover last in your dorm all week long. Bwog’s culinary experts share some recipes that are not for the faint of heart  (or vegetarians, for that matter), but that can add some Emeril-status kick to your seder/Easter dinner. We’ve got two meat recipes—one challenging, one simpler. Happy eating, as always. The Recipe […]

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Run, don’t walk, to Philosophy Hall! To reward you for all your hard work and good behavior this year, the Easter Bunny has laid you some special jellybean-filled eggs, right there on Philosophy Lawn! Mmm! Don’t forget to thank him later.

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Jews have Matzo, Catholics have peeps. For those people unfamiliar with the blue-and-yellow sugar coated marshmalllow goodness, NPR offers a brief history. Here’s an excerpt: “Why Peeps for Easter? The tradition dates back further than company history — way back. Ancient pagans in Europe used eggs, chicks and rabbits as symbols of renewal in their […]

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