Why Would You Ever Go Below 110th Street?

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cu loves nerds

Overheard in the Carman elevator, a first-year host talking to a prospective student:

“We don’t really go into the city that much, but there’s a great bar scene on campus right across the street. And if that’s not for you, there’s great campus life too–in Mudd, there are Halo parties and everyone gets on the same network and just LAN all night! And there’s a Scrabble club. I think the world’s 3rd best Scrabbler is in it. You just have to get involved, there are lots of opportunities.”

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  1. nerds  

    clearly SEAS prospectives

  2. hmm  

    what happened to the U?

  3. DHI  

    Scrabbler is a great word

  4. Mayor Bloomberg

    So Columbia's no longer in New York City?

    The admissions propaganda lies again!

  5. third best scrabbler?  

    i bet harvard and princeton have the first two. columbia can't ever win anything.

  6. SHOCC  

    I bet that loser that was giving the tour was one of the losers in SHOCC.

  7. halo  

    where can i find more details about these halo lan parties?

  8. Eric  

    Actually, only one of the top two at the last world championship was from Asia. The other was white. But they both memorized the word lists...and so does the top player from Columbia, who's actually ranked 50th best, not third!

  9. Well  

    For what it's worth: Ken is obscenely good, but he's not third in the world. He's ranked 50th in North America.

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