1. meh

    I have to agree. This is a pretty stupid post.

  2. hahaha  

    screwing the poor. get it?

  3. who  

    tracks used condoms on the sidewalk?

    that seems a little odd to me.

    and who goes and PHOTOGRAPHS THEM

  4. also  

    are we sure that's not just the aftermath of the Big Kiss?

  5. i know  

    no one at st. a's would ever deign to have sex with a poor person.

  6. you know

    you bwoggers just knock me out!!!!

  7. ummm  

    Good photo...but the punchline is in poor taste.

  8. intrigued  

    so apparently, "eagle-eyed Bwog correspondents" like to monitor such situations as this for days on end, just to make pointless posts on this site...

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