fountain 1

fountain 2If you have walked near the stairs that lead from College Walk to Kent Hall today, you might be asking yourself the following question: why is the water in the east fountain of Low Plaza bubbling with white foam and making weird sizzling noises? We were wondering the same thing.

An anonymous Bwog tipster who was sitting near the fountain today at the time of the incident reports the following scene:

Slightly before noon, a college-aged male, wearing a Columbia sweatshirt, athletic pants, and carrying a duffel bag walked to the south side of the fountain and sat down on its edge. After taking a few nervous glances around, he placed the duffel bag at his side, hunched over in order to hide it from potential onlookers, opened the bag and emptied its contents into the water. While the specific contents are unknown, the bag appeared to be filled with a large quantity of white powder, possibly laundry detergent, which caused the foaming reaction in the water. After a moment, the male used his hands to scoop the remainder of the powder into the fountain before closing the bag and casually walking away. He did not look back.

Theories, anyone?

fountain 3