Gluttony abounds at the corner of 104th and Broadway this afternoon as Ben and Jerry’s celebrates its annual Free Cone Day. Always a popular event, last year lines snaked around the block as New Yorkers of all ages waited for over an hour to get a free cone—normal cost: about $3. Bwog’s financial advisors find this to be a sound investment, mostly because Free Cone Day represents people watching at its prime. Expect folks of all shapes and sizes, many of whom would never otherwise cross paths, drawn together by a common love. Family harmonies will disintegrate before your very eyes as impatient children run wild and well-meaning mothers and babysitters are driven to the brink. Fun will be had by all.

Not up to dealing with the stress of the long lines and crowds? Never fear—Häagen-Dazs, which is a lot less crowed and a lot closer to campus, offers cones of similar quality for only $3 more.