Bwog correspondent Jacob Victor reports:

Results are in from Wednesday’s College Dems E-board Elections! The winners are:

(drum roll, please…)

President: Mike Nadler CC ‘07
Vice President: Andrew Avorn CC ‘08
Secretary: Maggie Mendenhall BC ‘09
Treasurer: Chris Daniels CC ‘09
Members at Large:
Josh Lipsy CC ‘08
Elyse Ross BC ‘09
Rachael McMillan CC ‘09
Jacob Taber GS/JTS ‘09
Nimit Mehta SEAS ‘09

The themes relevant to this year’s elections included reforming the Democratic Party (and finding its long-lost backbone), getting the college Dems more involved in local New York City and State elections, and making sure Chris Kulawik—newly elected president of the College Republicans, Spec columnist, and the proud object of a Facebook fan club—feels some liberal wrath.

Around 150 votes were counted for the presidential elections, with very close results between Nadler and his opponent, Jonathan Siegel CC ’08. In the true spirit of the Democratic Party, voting was oddly complicated as people were forced to line up in front of Lerner’s Satow Room so their names could be checked off computerized lists. Ballots were collected race by race and counted immediately so that candidates could have the option of dropping down to a different election if they lost. Josh Lispky, for example, after losing the VP election to Andrew Ahorn, chose to drop down to the race for Members as Large—and was victorious!

Also in the true spirit of the Democratic Party, there was little ideological disagreement between any of the candidates except for one point of contention between Siegel and Nadler. Mike Nadler, son of Democratic Congressman Jerrold , promised to take a hard-line liberal stance, while Siegel favored reaching out to moderates. Other then that, most of the candidates’ speeches were simply statements and comparisons of their records of service to the Dems. Mendenhall and Daniels both ran unopposed for Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, although there were 10 candidates for the Member at Large positions.

All of the candidates had a lot of praise for outgoing Dems President and newly elected CCSC President Seth Flaxman, CC ’07, but the primary focus of the night was looking ahead to November’s national and local elections. The Dems are committed to rallying the liberal presence on campus like never before to help the Democrats retake Congress and the New York State Senate.