Just a few hours after learning that he had triumphed by 14 points over Nishant Dixit’s Evolution party, Bwog tracked down CCSC President-elect Seth Flaxman at his Claremont suite, which reeked of celebration.

BW: So how has this campaign been for you?
SF: Campaigns are hell. It’s the most competitive sport and only the competitive people do it.

How does it feel to be part of what is often seen as the lamest organization on campus?
I’m hoping that at the end of the year, people will think differently.

What about being an openly gay CCSC president?
Everything I say will be too corny for the Bwog. Me being gay had nothing to do with the campaign…it just wasn’t news. That’s what’s remarkable. Even five years ago, it would have been different.

How will relations be with your erstwhile opponents?
It’s up to them. I think it will be okay.

When are you going to start planning for next year?
I’m going to go to sleep first.

If your campaign had a theme song, what would it be?
Probably something by James Taylor, because that’s the bullshit I listen to.

Is CCSC a step up or a step down from the Dems?
A step up. The Dems are different: you’re either focused nationally or locally, but you’re always part of the bigger operation. With student government, you ARE the movement.

What do you think about Barnard?
I love Barnard.

Will you be coordinating with other council presidents?
Yeah, next year, they’re going to tell me about all the perks. I think I get a helicopter.

What do you think about government?
I think democracies work best.

What do you think of ESC’s policy of internal elections?
No comment.

Are you going to recognize Dan Okin as ESC president?
Dan’s a great guy.

You were down in the polls just a few days ago. What turned it around?
Oh, that accurate Spec poll. That scared me. It’s really accurate.