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Remember coming to Columbia and thinking that you would do fun, exciting things in the city? Right, we don’t either. But tonight, there is an opportunity to redeem yourself:

What: A party in the subway!
When: 1 AM tonight (Thursday night/Friday morning)
Where: Downtown Q Platform, 34th Street/Herald Square Station
Theme: EXTREME LOVE (Dress accordingly)

Few things crack Bwog’s aloof, cynical shell. This is one of them.

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  • whose? says:

    @whose? is this a columbia thing or something you found on craigslist?

    1. neither says:

      @neither It was in some spec (or bwog?) article awhile back. Some free-spirited non-Columbians organize some sort of underground (hah) artsy subway jam thing. It’s something like Burning Man condensed into a subway car.

      1. yay says:

        @yay this is not that non-columbia one.
        that one was earlier this week. this is a semesterly one.

  • ana ortiz says:

    @ana ortiz noah and patrick had this party last year. it was AWESOME. by far one of the best nights of my columbia career. (so much so that i’m willing to attach my name to the post, which i *never* do.) the great thing about these parties is the totally random assortment of people, so if you are looking for something to do, go to this. you won’t be disappointed. :)

    1. i dunno says:

      @i dunno I went to the first subway party and it was amazing, but the second was way to crowded (too overly publicized) and got shut down too early. I think it was a one time thing. Someone prove me wrong, please!

      1. you're wrong! says:

        @you're wrong! music! dancing! acrobatics! drinking! nudity! swimming! attempted murder! and more!

  • mk says:

    @mk it. was. amazing. coogan brennan is the king.

  • tc says:


  • amazing says:

    @amazing absolutely amazing and mind-blowing party (and yes, it was columbian-organized)

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