1. M.R.  

    "While he attributed much of this to the difficulties of dealing with the bureaucracy of a large university, he also said that part of it came from the nature of filmmaking.

    “In the world of filmmaking especially, there exists a fundamental dilemma, and there are of course exceptions, which is that most filmmakers prefer to be making films to teaching filmmaking,” he said. “For that reason, it can be difficult to lock down potential instructors because, understandably, their own professional artistic pursuits take priority.” Also, he said, “often the best film-makers do not make the best teachers and vice-versa.”"

    That's not a particularly

    groundbreaking discovery since it's true about ANY academic discipline. Chances are a professor would rather be researching and publishing than teaching, and the best and brightest professors in terms of output aren't always the greatest teachers.

  2. McFister

    SHOCC wants segregated housing, that ought to stop racism!

  3. can you guys  

    do QuickJester next?!?

    Also, the twins story is a disgusting piece of puff journalism, as was the article the Spec wrote about them 4 years ago.

  4. this spec  

    was the biggest waste of paper I've ever seen. four full pointless pages of advertising. ugh.

    • Re: this spec  

      Wait, wait, what's that sound?

      Can you hear it. It's the smallest violin in the world playing a sad song for you!

      Dude, Spec needs to make money too. And come on, Jim Cramer?!?!? Just look me in the eye and tell me you were not amused to see that crazy mofo' looking back at you with the world's most psychotic smile.

  5. agreed  

    silly day to come out, looks like a news spill-over, that's all. but the shocc/hate crimes story was really interesting. shame no one will read it

  6. you know what they

    say about newswriting--it's just stuff they put in to fill the space around the ads.

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