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Breaking: 900 Square Feet Of Asbestos Found In Plimpton

It has been reported that Plimpton Hall, one of Barnard College’s residential housing locations, has an exterior foam layer containing asbestos wrapping around the building.  Students were shocked to come back to their suites yesterday evening to find a notice on the entrance door declaring that a removal procedure will be carried out from the […]

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Neurogasm: A Review

You may have noticed those snazzy new lava-lamp-shaped bottles in Butler or 212 and wondered to yourself, “WTF?!” David Hu has your answer, and in a selfless quest to keep you informed he drank one of those miracles of chemical engineering. Undoubtedly, the first thing that strikes you about Neurogasm is the bottle. Its long, […]

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Twins Go Through Midlife Crisis, Blow Each Other Up With Chemicals The Darker Side of Columbia: Bored At Butler, Bwog, Nazism Art Students Complain About Being Poor, Blame Art God Tells Marchers To Sleep On Ground, Forgets Permit

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