Otray This!

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Bwog has been a little obsessed with trays lately. So obsessed we’ve started traying around with scissors. It is the only artwork we’ve done all year, and it’s only cool if you know about the OBEY Giant and F. Shepard Fairey’s phenomenological campaign of aimless propaganda, now a brilliantly whorish exercise in mass merch production.

Actually it’s kinda cool even if you don’t know about that.

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  1. wow  

    noone could have done that sitting in jay, thats fucking cool.

  2. uh  

    that's how about finding something out concerning the attempted suicide in mudd yesterday

  3. this is absofuckinglutely terrible  

    why am i jailed in buttler?

  4. wow  

    John, you are amazing!

  5. Foo  

    That looks Photoshopped. I call shenanigans

  6. ya,  

    It's for real, yo. I have seen it and been amazed by it.

  7. Keep it up

    Your blogs are tray amusant

  8. yea  

    this is completely real. i saw it with my own two eyes.

  9. M.R.  

    It's existence and fine craftsmanship are confirmable.

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