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A few issues of Spectator remain to be released, but Speccies celebrated the end of their year Tuesday night in considerable style. For the annual Spec Dinner, our campus broadsheet (whose facebook group, incidentally, has 175 more members than The Blue and White’s) rented out the private rooms of 420, a swanky bar on 80th and Amsterdam. Two open bars dispensed drinks to increasingly loopy journalists, who couldn’t even get through the platters of roasted peppers, pita and hummus, olives, and stuffed grape leaves—rumored to have cost the paper a cool $1,000.

You don’t get paid for pouring your heart and soul into Columbia’s paper of record. But getting royally feted twice a year makes it easier to justify the effort.

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  1. yep  

    steve moncada is amazing.

  2. Ah  

    Steve Moncada = Customer Service Intercom

  3. anyway  

    what a fucking amazing photo.

  4. right…  

    Why don't you make a post about every party that goes on around Columbia– or are you guys a little fixated on the Spec?

  5. explanation  

    There's just a little crossover in the publications world. Wanna send in something from the softball party? I want to hear about it too.


    SpecMago Delenda Est.

  7. yeah  

    if anything delenda est it's bwogmago

  8. well...  

    ...they are kind of competing with BW, but it's not lik SpecMag is up to it.

  9. back to steve  

    i'm late, but i wanted to say he's like, perhaps the best editor in chief the spec has had in a long time. and i say that including HIM (the one and only NS) because steve isn't self-serving or too personally ambitious to actually help the paper. i just feel bad because steve was basically thrown into the position while spec was going to shit, and he's the only one who can save it.

  10. back to the mag  

    spec mag is going to be weekly. so there's a difference. and it will also have more than two colors. i think this campus is big enough for the both.

  11. someone in uganda

    i love steve. and steve loves sausage.

  12. Umm..  

    Do we really need another Spec product floating around campus? The B&W will sink you.

  13. duh  

    specmag will render b&w (although perhaps not bwog) totally worthless

  14. oldy  

    telis can shoot lasers from his eyes, but nick can rally.

  15. umm...

    which one? they all look like initials of the past four eic's to me...

  16. setting the record straight  

    Steve is awesome cause he's a humble, hardworking dude.

    Megan was a lousy, bitchy editor who completely lost touch with the average staffer during her tenure. (Though to be fair, she's a great reporter and therefore great training editor).

    Steve has a problem with alcohol, and someday someone will propagate a digital picture of kicking and screaming off the CAVA crew while nearly getting arrested in a Santa suit.

    • average staffer  

      she didn't lose touch with me...

      • another average staffer

        I have to agree - I'm one of the lowest members on the Spec totem pole and Megan has never lost touch with me, and in fact has gone out of her way to help me out several times, when she had no reason or cause to do so. I think she was a fantastic asset to the Spectator and will go on to do great things in journalism.

  17. i dont mean stifle free speech and all of that, but could we cut out the personal attacks here? I mean, obviously, the most avid readers of bwog are spec staffers, but this is getting a little uncomfortable, i think. i miss the innocence of "I love Steve!"

  18. agreed  

    steve is fantastic, megan is great too, and nick is really hot. three-for-three.

  19. yeah  

    telis was hot too. not in an conventional sort of way, but definitely hot.

  20. speccie  

    they're all great, so please let's stop this convo immediately.

  21. It's interesting that  

    people who know the Spec clearly have a lot to say about the past editors-- and they're using the Bwog as a forum. Irony.

  22. trainee  

    Hey, Megan is awesome. She's ever enthusiastic and sweet and never got tired of the annoying questins thrown her waty. Granted I mostly interacted with her as a trainee but I can't imagine someone could turn off/on that approachability like a lightswitch. Don't bash her.

    • Avi  

      Avi is better looking than Steve. There. I said it. Bye Kate.

    • seriously though  

      All personal judgements aside, I'm still not sure what the paper gained under Megan as an EIC, speaking as someone with a little more perspective than the trainees. Although it does take years of work to get the Spec where it's gotten since the tabloid days so it wasn't just Nick - and part of that is kick-ass reporting from the likes of Megan Greenwell. I think Spec will miss Megan for sure, but not as an editor.

      • wrong

        I'm a Spec alum who can tell you exactly what the paper gained under Megan. Nobody liked working for Nick, so the quality of the paper was only mediocre. The quality of the writing, reporting, photography, and page design skyrocketed under Megan because she pushed everyone to be better and they responded because they respected her. If Steve's a good editor it's because of Megan, and ditto for everyone else who currently holds a position there. Plus, Nick nearly put the paper in financial ruin, and Megan responded by putting $20,000 back in the endowment. The paper was in a bit of turmoil after Nick's reign, and Megan stabilized the ship like no one else could. She's the best editor we've had in a LONG time.

        • unbelievable  

          are you really serious? i wasn't going to get in this thing, but you are just very wrong here.

          quality of photography better? we had a photo editor leave and had zero staff, and now the photo department is still lacking.

          quality of page design? SM was the production editor, so i hardly think megan had anything to do with that

          and if so many people responded and respected her, how come so many people left spec for B & W? it's because she ALIENATED them. there's NO doubt that she herself is a great journalist, but i highly disagree that her editorship was mind-blowing.

          • re: unbelievable

            Hi Taylor! Why didn't you use the "Bwog staff" tag?

          • no kidding  

            who left spec for b&w other than taylor? josie is on both, as is the gaggle of freshman girls, but taylor was the only one who truly switched. if you want to work for a newspaper, work for spec. if you want to work for a magazine, work for b&w (is there really going to be a spec mag?). there doesn't really have to be any "poaching," and there hasn't been. and to say taylor left because megan alienated her is pretty ridiculous.

  23. EIC  

    spec will be dead in the fucking water after SM.

    and romoser's hung like a mouse. don't lie.

  24. wow  

    this has gotten a bit ridiculous... I'm not sure the spec even changes that much from year to year...

  25. taylor

    "unbelievable" wasn't me.

    and "no kidding" doesn't know why i left spec for the blue and white.

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