That Brit Aesthetic

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We’ve found Dean Austin Quigley’s double—it’s Steve McClaren, coach of the English Premier League team Middlesbrough. Is it just that all middle aged British guys with receding hairlines tend to look alike? Or could Quig be moonlighting as an international footballer, like Bwog’s other favorite academic?

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  1. Also  

    McClaren is the new coach of the English national team, after the World Cup this summer. Of course, most of CU doesn't even know what country the WC is going to be in, so who cares?...

  2. the second response, though it says 3  

    I knew it was Germany too.

  3. they don't  

    even look like eachother. they look like two old white men.

  4. I think they look alike  

    They look like two old white men who look alike.

  5. yeah  

    I don't see the resemblance at all, frankly.

  6. dude  

    theres totally a resemblance. theyre both generally symmetrical, white, have hair, two eyes, a nose and mouth, etc.

  7. reggie gossett  

    all white people look the same anyways

  8. J Train  

    I think Quiggles looks a bit like former England captain Glenn Hoddle.

    Except Quiggles probably wouldn't make a statement about how disabled people must have done something horrible in a past life.

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