The Final Days

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It’s been a rough week in Butler Library. Many of you, despite the librarians’ poster campaign, have been living at your desks, hemmed in by stacks of books and empty Red Bull cans, sustained only by sesame mix and bad pastries from Blue Java. The garbage cans mount up to the ceiling, and your sweat runs down the walls, imbuing the place with an unshakeable odor of despair.

Ok, not really. But some of your workspaces are kind of over the top, and we’ve captured a few of our favorites after the jump (does the sketchy person taking pictures behind you while you studied make sense now?)







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  1. Adriana  

    It gets even better. I once saw a guy passed out at his desk with two pillows, a quilt, toothbrush and toothpaste, and two framed photographs of his family.

  2. Ben

    I once saw an Asian grad student trying to explain to the Butler Security desk why she was lugging a teakettle and a small rice cooker in with her.

  3. no no  

    you haven't seen it all until you've found the one with, every semester, calendars hanging from the walls and stuffed animals decorating the shelves.

  4. Help  

    Bwog...I just saw two people use [email protected] to hook up. The world may be ending.

    • curious  

      is it true? The [email protected] hook-up? it would be fantastic if it were true...but how will we ever know? BWOG?

  5. nah  

    y'all missed the really good stuff: thesis weeks for seniors. now THOSE were some lived-in carrels.

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