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This year’s second crop of freshmen should be finishing up their Frontiers of Science exam right about now, which Bwog learned was administered on 18 single-sided pages per test taker (not including Blue Books). Those familiar with Frontiers will bear with us for a little back of the envelope calculation:

There are approximately 1,000 students in the freshman class, so figure 500 taking the exam. 18 pages apiece = 9,000 total sheets of paper. At 8,333 sheets of paper per 40-foot, 7-inch diameter tree, that exam by itself took the life of a larger-than-average lodgepole pine. Pretty great for a course that talks so much about how global warming will see us underwater in a few centuries.

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  1. econ  

    has bwog ever taken one of sunil gulati's principles final exams?

  2. well...  

    nobody ever said that Frontiers was an intelligent way to address scientific issues

  3. M.R.  

    I sincerely hope the writer has taken Frontiers, because then the post would be meta and I would shed a tear of joy.

    If not: Frontiers consisted of a lot of basic mathematics but with really long numbers and having to keep a lot of decimals. In short, something exactly like the calculation you've just done, often with a similar set up.

  4. Just got out  

    Basically it was a waste of a semester.

  5. There's still hope...  

    ...if we can kill a beaver!

  6. finished!  

    that class was ridiculous. good riddance.

  7. Great minds think alike  

    Creepy. Bwog and I think alike. About 15 minutes after this was posted, but before I knew it was there, I walked into my suite lounge and a suitemate asked me how my Frontiers exam went. I promptly muttered, "that class is a waste of paper." Wow.

  8. ...  

    frontiers isn't a waste of paper, nor is it a waste of a semester. it's the easiest A at columbia.

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