Art School Unconfidential

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Starring: Max Minghella (previous credits: Syriana, Bee Season, Art School Confidential)

Also featuring: Joey Alvarado, Liz Strauss

Location: Cafe Swish, Kim’s, JJ’s Place

Plot Summary: New York Times decides to profile progeny of esteemed director Anthony Minghella, cute freshman friends provide sense of natural environment. Rising actor eschews usual activities of the young and famous and avoids stardom even at Columbia, where he’s been sighted in John Jay dining hall, enveloped in a hooded sweatshirt. Foreshadowings of failed expectations.

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  1. i just saw it last night

    and he's HOT but the movie sucks

  2. shira

    I'll probably go see it even though I've read those reviews... I mean, I'm sure it's better than a lot of the other movies that seem to be out these days. I heard that he wasn't going to columbia anymore, though.

  3. well,

    a)he's not leaving

    b)the movie is good!

  4. and...

    c) the bathrooms in joyn jay are actually really awesome!

  5. me

    he's not leaving for good. just shooting some films and all of that.

    they spelled your name wrong, liz!! ONE S - Straus!

  6. mccain tomorrow!  


    i don't know if you're already planning to cover this, but y'all should mention the wear-orange-to-protest-McCain thing happening at Class Day tomorrow (there are flyers up and such). also there're quite a few interesting articles floating around about protests at the New School and his speech at Liberty University that pertain.

    and gothamist is on it!

  7. The truth that the movie sucks, Max is not cute (weird face), and Swish is terrible.

  8. hm

    The movie is not terrible; it's actually quite good. It succeeds at being a full-on satire (for art school) where "Saved!" (for religion) tried and failed because the creators of it felt like it had to have some sort of cheesy message at the end. Art School doesn't. It just ends up lampooning everyone, darkly and hilariously.

  9. hey now!

    Wtf?! I actually like Swish. Is something wrong with me? They're about 8000 times better than the place next door.

  10. umm

    If Max doesn't even think his movies are good, then why does he keep making them?

  11. re: umm

    presumably, they pay him.

  12. fact

    liz straus is annoying.

  13. confused

    is this post supposed to mean that the star goes to columbia, that the movie was shot at columbia, or that the movie fictionally takes place at columbia?

  14. movie goer

    i loved the movie! and he's hot!

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