Yes, But Who Shot First?

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A loyal (indeed, very loyal) Bwog reader reports:


“Shortly after the SEAS class day festivities finished (e.g. now), the sound system is playing the Mos Eisley Cantina song from Star Wars.”

Bwog has heard many graduating students proclaiming that they have waited a long time for this. We bet they have.

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  1. M.R.

    Oh man. That's a thing of beauty right there.

  2. Nerd Love  

    Two points for the Greedo-death reference. And remember, if something should happen tomorrow, McCain shot first.

  3. Anna

    A bonafide star wars nerd knows that the song is called "Mad About Me".

  4. DHI

    Han shot first, you little bastards. And I wasn't even aware of this whole controversy until very recently, and even then did not give it any second thought. The motherfucker shot first. What's the point of being a sneaky bastard if you're not gonna shoot first? How Greedo gonna miss? How Han gonna let Greedo kill him if he don't miss? Are ya'll stupid? Do ya'll think Han was going through that gun under the table shit to NOT shoot first? Have you seen a fucking western ever? Because the whole point of that double-crossing shit is to be one step AHEAD of them. Ahead. Not behind. Do you think Greedo was gonna shoot at that point in the conversation anyway? Han Solo knew he wasn't shooting then. If you didn't know he wasn't then you can't read people, or alien people, because you're not a badass, and you project your not being a badass onto the most badass badass of all, to try to make him look like a dumbass. Bad =/= dumb. You = dumb. Aight?

    I can't even remember why that would not be the case and I don't want to hear it.

  5. DHI

    According to wikipedia the most hardcore of the nerds agree with me. I feel vindicated in my argument and equal to them in their nerdness. It's a mixed feeling.

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