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Self-proclaimed “loyal bwog reader” Xavier Estevez writes in about Freedom Writers, a movie being shot outside Barnard today. Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has been spotted. Take a stroll around 117th, maybe you’ll bump into the film’s star, Hilary Swank.

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  1. um

    love the characters:

    Dre Bowie....Black student

    Sechita McNair....Gangster Girl

    Kirsten Roeters....White Dinner Companion

  2. off topic question

    do any guys watch greys anatomy?

  3. no

    not unless youre forced to by the girlfriend (and on top of that you're expected blubber senslessly at the finale too)

  4. grey's fan  

    if i'd have known patrick dempsey was in this movie, i'd be much less pissed about the huge crane lights outside my window right now. oh who am i kidding - i still know and i'm still pissed. i do still love him though... (& grey's anatomy)

  5. but...  

    then why was everyone in period costume yesterday?

  6. the movie  

    is probably actually 'enchanted,' not 'freedom writers.' it would explain the costumes:

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