The War Continues

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It started with Alexander Hamilton, and now the facebook fascists have struck again. One complainant reports:

“It’s an all out hunt. My Barack Obama account has been disabled. It won’t be long before Peter Parker gets rubbed out too. It was fun while it lasted I suppose. The Columbia Squirrel and Pigeon better watch out. Even The Man got shut down.”

In other facebook news, New School president Bob Kerrey has revealed some disturbing beliefs about the role of a university president. Bwog sincerely hopes that Lee C., who has gained the respect and admiration of at least 44 Columbia men, doesn’t get any ideas.

Meanwhile, in another corner of facebook, PrezBo isn’t being treated so well. Anti-expansion activists, with a sense of humor? Who knew?

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  1. nota bene

    If you're part of the NY geography you can see his profile. Note well his most recent wall comment from someone most of us know and well, dislike. Typical ass kissing from:

    Tao Gordon Tan wrote

    at 8:28pm May 21st, 2006

    Dear President Kerrey,

    I'm just working at New School over the summer as an RA in Loeb Hall. I've been here for about 48 hours, and already 1) I have better housing than in 3 years at Columbia, 2) I have a shorter commute to work than in 3 years at Columbia, and 3) I got more personalized attention from the university President than in 3 years at Columbia.

    You, sir, and this school, are collectively awesome.

  2. tsk tsk  

    "Columbia uber alis"? Ihr Deutsch ist schlecht.

  3. tao  

    what an ass kissing sellout.

    also, it seems that the profile for handsom dan aka the yale bulldog was taken down. the yalies are pretty pissed seeing how john harvard's profile is still up and running.

  4. es ist noch falsch

    es soll "columbia über alles" sein. der umlaut ist wichtig.

  5. td

    i wonder if he realizes how many people hate him.

  6. Not a Conservative Zealot

    I like Tao.

  7. Tao's

    a nice guy. But i can see how some people dislike him. He probably voted for Bush. ewwwwwwwwww!

  8. where?  

    martha stewart seems to have disappeared from columbia as well...

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