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They’ve sent in their reply letters, chosen their housing, decided on a meal plan. Now, members of the class of 2010 have become true Columbians: they have e-mail addresses. Welcome to CubMail, new minted Lions! Bwog recommends that you immediately set it up a forwarding address to a Gmail account, allowing you to bypass the annoyance of CUIT switchovers and to frenetically e-mail back and forth without overstuffing your inbox.

The real problem is this: what are we to call our awkwardly-named crop of first-years? Tenners? Oh-ten? Bwog would like to make a case for “Generation 10,” making the sophomores “Gen 9,” etc. But as always, we’re open to suggestions.

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  1. M.R.

    oh boy! now they can all mindlessly sign up for facebook! oh wait, too late. now they'll just be adding a new 'network.' Facebook's already turned them all into corporate tools they just don't know it yet.

  2. so  

    if they're tenners, the class of 2005 would be fivers, and people who graduated four years before that would be one quid?

  3. dork  

    can we call them generation ten, but spell it with roman numerals, just to confuse people?

  4. Dave Barnes

    You wrote: "a forwarding address to a Gmail account".

    A better move would be get your own domain name and use a POP email client instead of an IMAP client.


  5. hey

    5 throught 7. the seas thread is two down.

  6. ...

    i think bwog's true readership just revealed itself...

  7. all you have to do

    is forward to gmail, but keep your messages in your cunix mailbox too incase gmail fails.

  8. haha

    They already have a bunch of facebook groups including this one with a real discussion in the "discussion section" (I don't think I've seen a thread this long in any other facebook group) entitled "there is something weird about meeting all of your friends on facebook"

  9. Prefrosh

    I like Generation 10. Or Generation X. Whatever.

  10. Gen 10  

    G10 a.k.a G Force 10 a.k.a Young Dimes (Hopefully there a few) a.k.a. Decigen a.k.a. Dime Pieces a.k.a. Decagoons

  11. Alana

    A) I like "twenty-ten"--I think it has a nice ring to it.

    B) Although I will admit to having a facebook, I do agree that the online world of prefrosh has gotten out of control. It takes the excitement out of meeting people. Example--during DOC, half the people already knew each other through myspace, and those without a myspace felt alienated because they were not a part of the "Columbia 2010" group.

    C)Don't hate our class

    =( Perhaps we're annoyingly eager and optimistic, but I'm sure that'll fade.

    • MySpacer

      Hey Alana, sorry you feel that way about the MySpace group. I'm guessing you were in the 9-10 DOC? Because I went on the 23-24 DOC and made a conscious effort to meet new people. Plus I heard that the 9-10 MySpacers were a bit rowdy ...

      • Alana

        I don't know? You seem like a giant asshole to me! Then again, I suspect that the optimism a lot of you are showing is because you'll finally be able to get laid by other homely overachievers now that you're finally done with ace-ing your AP geography and College French 2 classes...lolol

  12. Whoa

    The level of Facebook community is pretty scary... I'm '09 and I don't remember my life being quite this settled in advance.

    Welcome, freshmen! Ve hope you like it heeir. Ah ah ah.

  13. Stephen

    how long until that creepy guy Jeffrey Northrop creates a "hottest girls in the class of 2010" facebook group?

  14. Stephen

    oh and how did all the frosh find BWOG? Was the varsity show super plugs that effective?

  15. Muaha

    If you're gonna call them Gen 10, I think I might have to take a year off to "find myself" or "lay brick in Italy" or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays, just sos I can see Gen 13.

  16. not M.R.

    Anyone else think this M.R. character is getting far more annoying than ttan ever was?

  17. you know  

    it is actually us single digit folks that are the exception since we have the pesky zero. but back in the last century, there was the class of "ninety-eight" or the class of "sixty-four". How about class of ten.

  18. '08er

    give them a break.... when you've never been to college, everything seems like a much bigger deal and you think of college in more high-school terms than you do after having experienced columbia first hand. they'll grow up and look at their previous facebook activity with embarrassment. i know i do

  19. holy shit

    please delete this entire thread. so embarassing for everyone involved.

  20. offended

    Wow, if this is how Columbians treat people, then maybe I should've reconsidered my decision... you guys are being much more immature than enthusiastic prefrosh

    • its true...

      perhaps you shouldn't have graced us with your mature, wordly and far superior self. Why, I guess we're just bartles and jaymes versus the moet and chandon you obviously are.

      In all seriousness, get used to cyncism, sarcasm, jerks, immaturity and plain rudeness amongst your peers. By the same token though, the majority of them are much better than that and you should look forward to it.

  21. Alana

    that last comment was NOT ME, it was someone posing as me. Sorry everyone I love you all and don't want anyone to think I'm a bitch before I even get there!

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