Bwog has been engaging in some self reflection of late. It’s been an amazing semester, with some highlights you definitely saw, and others you may have missed. Huge shout outs to all our sharp-eyed tipsters, and the delinquents who don’t have anything better to do than contribute to absurdly long comment strings. You make us interesting.

Bwog will be continuing in moderated fashion through the summer. Be sure to check back for updates!

And with that, we give you, in no particular order: the Best of Bwog 2006. Starting with our first comment ever:

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Best Quiz: Know your Facades!

Best Comment Debate: TA Lays the Smack Down

Best Kaavya Coverage: How Opal Mehta Got Busted

Best Back of the Envelope Calculation:
Getting Your Money’s Worth

Best Celeb Sighting: Breaking News: Natalie Portman at Columbia

Best Poetry: Sex Butler People Fuck Need: Magnetic Haiku

Best Street Fight: Blood! Violence! Pandemonium!

Biggest Gross-out: Consolation Prize

Best Reportage: Goldberg papers

Best Spec Gotcha: The Samuel Moyn Affair

Best Digitalia: March 30

Best Photobwogging (and way to torture pre-frosh): Judgment Day

Best Overheard: Special Delivery!

Best Lecture Hopping: Steven Pinker

Best Interview (and SHOCC Talk): SHOCC’S Tactician

Best Lifetime Exposure for a Cracker: Someone’s Crackin’ Up

Best Election Coverage: President Flaxman’s First Press Conference

Best Housing Coverage: A Brief Diversion

Best Public Service: Shopping with Bwog

Best Random: “Tray-Spotting”