You may have noticed the piles of glossy paper gracing newsstands in recent days. We in the publications world think alike, which means that Columbians have to stomach us all at once. Unfortunately, none of them have posted their current issues online, but Bwog thought it would give them some airtime anyway.

From Ad Hoc, we learn that David Plotz went to a better high school than you did, that administrators don’t listen to students, and that Hurricanes are generally bad for education. After recovering from momentary blindness induced by The Columbia Science Review‘s shiny color explosion, and staring quizzically at some graphs and numbers, we find out that there are birds in New York City, and that humans are generally bad for generating hurricanes. The Birch tells us that small bits of land in Eastern Europe can be troublesome, that Russia is not a real democracy, and that Cyrillic characters are hard to read. And 116 reminds us that Spectator has a shitload of money. I mean, we kind of already knew that.