The Bwog is savvy. The Bwog is so savvy it can read your mind.

Not really.

But the Bwog can see what Google searches you use to get to the site. In the name of “Not Thinking About Finals or Graduation,” the Bwog gives you the list of Best.Searches.Ever.

Can you find a theme?

how to give a good wank

mother give me a good wank
the signs of judgementday
transplanting a smoke bush
wild party blogs
aruba jamaica oh i wanna take ya
grotesque sex
i’m not black natalie
elderly man porn
sword of achilles less than 30$
youngin porn
columbia dirty
is ra legal in scrabble
bored while in butler
how to speed up the decomposition of dead bodies
terrorist watchlist
describe the colors on monkey
unattractive people
hair smells bad when outdoors
homemade crackers
taglines for the benchwarmers
saved by the bell safety coffins
jewish porn
sad puppy artwork
lion pooping
white discharge in 3rd semester