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The Met and the Frick may be stimulating, but for some real deviance, Bwog recommends the Museum of Sex, a 2002 addition to New York City’s artistic firmament.

One tipster recommends that visitors not miss the Sex Across America electronic exhibition, which features listings of visitor-submitted stories of various sexual encounters, sorted geographically Mapquest-style. Columbia features prominently: two stories involve sex in Butler (one on the roof, as seen from John Jay, and yes, one in the stacks), one each in Carman and Ruggles, over a half-dozen at Barnard, and even one behind the statue of Pan in front of Lewisohn.

Aroused?: Mosex is located on 5th Ave at 27th St. Sexual edification will cost you $13.50, and potentially a measure of awkwardness.

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  1. Lucky Guy

    That was me on the roof.

  2. MLP

    Be sure to go to the Museum of Sex website first for a $5 off admission coupon.

  3. just so you know

    the link doesn't work.

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