Two and a half to seven years without facebook…

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It seems that the law has caught up with the facebook pervert; that guy who stalked Columbia girls among other New York college students for their naked pictures, claiming he (posing as a she) needed them for a “class project.”

One of Bwog’s tipsters was the unfortunate target of this creepy man:

“We did some sleuthing early on and tracked his IP address and location, which we reported to the detectives on campus and with the NYPD. I’m surprised and pleased that they were able to take the investigation a far as they did and actually catch the guy. I can think of no better comeuppance than having his face plastered all over the city, along with the sad revelation that he lives with his parents.”

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  1. Hmm

    How'd he figure out "Hunter Coed" went to Hunter?? How did "Hunter Coed" not see that coming??

  2. Erf

    That's probably a made-up screenname.

  3. quiqui  

    Obviously. His screenname wasn't "Chaung" either, it was "onesweeetgurlie."

  4. NY Times reader  

    Love that NY Post: "cyber-sicko" indeed.

  5. good

    at least 2 1/2 years in the slammer..though if there was ever a crime which you'd be afraid to admit in a pmita prison, this'd be one.

    on a side note, any girls who gave him such pictures are idiots

  6. does this

    really deserve two and a half years in prison? basically he tricked a bunch of idiots. for that i say good for him.

  7. Ha  

    Was there no mention of what columbia uni he used to get to the columbia accounts?

  8. J Train

    Good sleuthing. Now throw Brown and Searles in with him.

  9. what they do

    what they do with them PICTURES?

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