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In the beginning, there were three: a libertarian, a conservative, and a socialist who (according to Fed lore) started the Federalist Paper in 1986. Now one of the founding fathers, Neil M. Gorsuch, CC ’88 and FiJi frat boy (not the socialist, Bwog surmises) has been nominated to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. If he’s confirmed, he’d be the youngest member in the federal circuit court system at 39–only about 18 years removed from Columbia’s conservative voicebox turned humor rag.

Bwog wonders if the nominators are party to Mr. Gorsuch’s senior yearbook quote:

“The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little
longer.” – Henry Kissinger, August 29, 1967



  1. Ha.

    How scary would a fed editor turned supreme court justice be? Also, I think gorsuch might be the libertarian...both the kissinger quote and his papers on euthanasia seem to point to it.

  2. maybe

    the first poster believed teh statement was classic libertarian cynicism of republican policies..still doesn't make much sense though as kissinger was a liberal republican...more than likely it just suggest gorsuch might have had a sense of humor

    gorsuch might be the libertarian though as the fed article depicts one as the socialist and another one as repeatedly writing articles which talked about how he was being oppressed by liberals. I suppose that would leave gorsuch as the libertarian, though i know some columbia students who're self proclaimed libertarians who have a puzzling hatred of 'liberals'

  3. I think

    we should make sure the confirmation panel should get lots of issues of recent Feds. Their high quality articles should seal the deal for his nomination. That, or congress's near automatic approval of bush court nominees.

    • Haha.

      I love the idea of the fed sending issues to the judiciary committee idea. I really hope the fed does that and posts their response in their first issue or something.

      As for the last line, the last thing we need is a political flamewar on bwog again. Let's just giggle at the fed controlling the nation.

  4. WSJ editorial page

    I say we shoot down the North Korean missile if they launch it.

  5. bwogging

    Lets hope there's an interview with the creator in the next Fed...

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